CompSci 290
Spring 2024
Educational Technology Practicum

Personal Statement on EdTech

The task for a philosophy of (educational) technology is to analyze the phenomenon of technology, its significance (to learning), and the ways that it mediates and transforms our (learning) experience. — David Kaplan

In 2-4 pages, tell me your view of teaching, learning, and EdTech and how your view has evolved during the semester.

In addition to your personal experiences, you have been introduced to several perspectives, theories, technologies, companies, ethical issues, as well as some of their historical context. Use these to develop your view on the appropriate and effective uses of EdTech (within or outside of the school environment) and what, if any, role you might want to have in that future.

For example, consider the following questions (adapted from Matthew Lynch) to reflect on how you use technology for your own educational needs and also how it can help as many others as possible.

Note, please do not use ChatGPT to develop your statement since I want to hear your personal perspective.