CompSci 308
Spring 2024
Advanced Software Design and Implementation

Without questions, there is no learning. — W. Edwards Deming

Help is Available

If you have a problem or question, technical or team related, we want to talk about it — do not put it off.

You are expected to show evidence you tried to solve the issue yourself so that we have a starting point for working with you, especially because these are larger, more diverse, projects. Asking technical questions to colleagues is something that professional software engineers need to do every single day. High quality questions get faster and more useful answers.

You can discuss the code on your computer but having it accessible via the course Gitlab organization is best so we can try it out as well.

Posting to the Bulletin Board

Post any questions you have about the course on the Bulletin Board because it is seen by other students and the entire Teaching Team, ensuring a much faster response time than sending us email.

You are expected to contribute to the Bulletin Board by answering questions in addition to asking them.

UTA Mentoring and Office Hours

During the first two weeks only, UTAs will hold Office Hours to help you with any technical issues you may be experiencing with GIT, IntelliJ, and Java coding. These hours are posted on the Bulletin Board. After Add/Drop, you will be assigned a UTA as a mentor to review your progress and help you get the most out of this course.

Meetings with UTAs may be held in the study rooms in the Link or Edge spaces in the library or via Zoom as needed.

You are expected to meet weekly with your assigned UTA mentor and to take on more leadership during these meetings as the semester progresses to better direct your learning.

Learn Better and Think Smarter

I believe strongly in theĀ Academic Resource Center (ARC), which offers free services to undergraduate students, including Learning Consultations, Peer Tutoring and Study Groups, ADHD/LD Coaching, Outreach Workshops, and more. Because learning is a process unique to every individual, they work with each student to discover and develop their own academic strategy for success.

Undergraduates in any year, studying any discipline can benefitcontact the ARC to schedule an appointment.