Compsci 4g, Shotgun Experiment, Fall 2005

Methodology for creating shotgun data. Take a sentence or paragraph. Clone it four times (e.g., so one sentence becomes four repeats, separated by a space.) Now break the cloned/duplicated paragraph into random pieces.

Your task is to re-assemble the original message/sentence/paragraph. Don't spend more than one hour on this, turn in using Blackboard.

  1. Message one:
    ur way to under
    age you w
    mics.  If y
    ques used in genomi
    e shotgun techn
    erstanding t
    ed in ge
     can re-assembl
    ics.  If y
    ics.  If you can 
    well on your
    y to underst
    message you will be
    u will be w
    our way to under
    l on your
    ay to understan
    erstanding the sho
     way to underst

  2. Message two:

    nd diligent m
    nts who are pe
    ret message. D
    udents who are p
    nts who are 
    udents who are persp
    le to understand it
    ay be able t
    s also a
    cret word, t
     may be able t
    ut there is also
    nous'.  This 
    secret mess
    ecret word
    d is 'numinous
    lso a secret 
    This is a secret 

Owen L. Astrachan
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