CompSci 18S - Fall 2007 - Be A Robot

August 27, 2007
Classwork 1: 10 points, Assignment 2: 10 points

Be A Robot

You should work in groups of at least 4 persons.

The goal of today's activity is to learn about the parts of a robotic system and how they work together. The parts we'll study are:

Today, we will divide into teams of four to five people who will together as a "robot" build specific objects out of blocks (please do not write on the blocks!).

Each team will consist of:

The Prof/TA for your team will have descriptions of the objects that should be built out of your block. She/he will show the "head" the objects one at a time. Once an object is shown to the head, your team should try to build it as quickly as possible, according to the above job descriptions. After completing an object, switch roles and try to build another object.

NOTE: Your blocks should be the same shape as the picture you see, but may be a different color. Ignore the colors.

Classwork 1 (10 pts)


Discuss the following with your group and writeup answers. Be sure to list all the names of your group and turn in just one sheet at the end of class.

  1. Which of the four parts was the hardest to play and why? Which was the easiest and why?
  2. What type of block combinations were hardest or easiest to build with your four person robot?

Assignment 2 (10 pts)

Individual Writeup for your CompSci 18S Web page

This part is due when your CompSci 18S web page is due, Sept. 10, 2007.

For the following problem you should discuss it in the group, then each of you will write it up individually and put it on your CompSci 18S web page.