Compsci 82, Fall 2009, Cybercrime

ATM coordinated attack

Google Tech Talk, how cybercriminals steal money.


Conficker video from 60 minutes:

Feb 2009 porn feud DNS/DDOS.

Megan Meier and Cyberbullying

Wikipedia entry

New Yorker article

Wired article with link/references.

Berkman/Citizen Media amicus briefs on behalf of Lori Drew

Drew Sentencing contemplated (May 2009)

ddos rolling stone and perverted justice

Computerworld Schneier on so-called cyberattacks

I Was a Cybercrook for the FBI, Wired 2007.

Fighting Botnets with Doc Savage

steal from banks with malware, disguise html, wired 9/09

Taking Down a Latvian ISP/Cybercrime Ring video (animation of AS disconnect)

Hype and Substance

Electricity Grid Penetrated by Spies from WSJ, April 2009

overhype analysis by Nart Villeneuve

Guerrilla Warfare, waged with Code

Criminal Economics

Stefan Savage on internet criminal economics.