Compsci 82, Fall 2009, Final I Questions

These are the class answers to the first set of online final questions.

Question 1 text   Question 1   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.62 points  
  Section 512 of the DMCA and section 230 of the CDA each protects ISPs and other content providers --- essentially providing them with immunity from liability. Which one of the following is NOT true related to these laws/statutes?
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If John Smith writes original content in a Wikipedia entry that he makes up regarding the sanity of Isabel Jones, in which Mr. Smith claims Ms. Jones is insane for not going out with him, Wikipedia must remove the material at the request of Ms. Jones because of Section 512 of the DMCA, regardless of whether Ms. Jones is actually insane.
The DMCA section and laws are about copyright, whereas the CDA (Communications Decency Act) is about defamation --- so while they both provide protection and immunity, this immunity is in relation to different areas of the law.
The DMCA safe-harbor provision requires an established take-down/removal procedure to be posted and adhered to by the ISP/content-provider. The section in the CDA protects the content provider, there is no formal take-down/removal procedure.
Both sections/laws protect the ISP/content provider in the case when a third party (e.g., not the ISP) posts infringing or defamatory material -- the commonality is the third party, the material may be either infringing (e.g., the DMCA) or defamatory (e.g., the CDA).
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Question 2 text   Question 2   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.7 points  
  In 2009 a jury awarded nearly $2 million in the case of Capitol Records v Thomas-Rasset and called for Jammie Thomas-Rasset to pay the $2 million for downloading/sharing 24 songs via the Kazaa p2p network. Which one of the following is NOT true regarding this case and situation?
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Thomas-Rasset refused to settle with the RIAA thus effectively choosing to go to trial. The trial in 2009 was an appeal from an earlier trial in which she had also been found guilty of copyright violations.
The creators of Kazaa went on to create Skype.
Downloading or sharing copyrighted songs via p2p networks is acceptable when the person downloading the songs has already purchased them or otherwise secured the songs legally (Jammie Thomas-Raset claimed at one point she had ripped the songs from CDs she purchased).
Convincing evidence of copyright violation by Jammie Thomas-Raset was presented at trial including records of downloads from her computer, the use of her myspace name in the Kazaa network tied to her computer, and the use of her IP address on the Kazaa network.
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Question 3 text   Question 3   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.68 points  
  The IETF protocols SMTP (for mail), HTTP (for web traffic), and BGP (for communication between Internet Autonomous Systems) help different parts of the Internet work. Which one of the following is NOT true regarding the IETF and the functioning of the Internet using these and other, related protocols designed by the IETF.
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The last P in HTTP, SMTP, and BGP as well as the P in IP represents the word 'Protocol'.
Every protocol designed by the IETF ends in a P to indicate it is a protocol. This is specified by the ISP: the IETF Standard Protocol.
IETF meetings are open to the public, but attendance at a meeting is not required to participate in extensive email and list discussions regarding IETF proposals and protocols.
The IETF is the Internet Engineering Task Force, concerned primarily with engineering rather than with policy.
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Question 4 text   Question 4   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.81 points  
  Which of the following is the correct chronological ordering of events related to the Internet (arranged from earliest to latest/most recent in terms of the time at which the event happened).
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Web, Internet, p2p networks, IPv6 deployment
Internet, Web, p2p networks, IPv6 deployment
IPv6 deployment, p2p networks, Web, Internet
Internet, Web, IPv6 deployment, p2p networks
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Question 5 text   Question 5   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.78 points  
  Which one of the following is NOT true regarding p2p networks?
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It's not the case that only music and videos are available for distribution/downloading via p2p networks --- for example it's possible to download software packages via p2p networks and clients.
Bittorrent downloads of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will not be possible until the DVD is released in early December.
The Bittorrent Protocol is not open source because it's not software, but the implementation of the Protocol, also called Bittorrent, is open source software.
The Napster p2p network was developed by a student at Northeastern University.
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Question 6 text   Question 6   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.78 points  
  In Durham Time-Warner Cable has a High Speed Online cable modem package that offers 7 Mbps download speed (that's mega bits-per-second, or one million bits/second). For an extra $9.95 a month you can upgrade to 10 Mbps -- 10 million bits/second. A Blu-ray disc stores 25 Gbytes (that's 25 Billion bytes, a byte is 8 bits). So a Blu-ray disc stores 200 Billion bits. Using the $9.95 upgraded rate, about how long does it take to download a full Blu-ray disc if you can download at the full, advertised Mbps rate?
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About 50 seconds
About 50 minutes
About 5 hours
About 5 days
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Question 7 text   Question 7   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.49 points  
  It takes several seconds to load the web page from Tsinghua University in China from in my browser at Duke. Which of the following is least likely to be true when someone down the hall from me loads the same page a minute later.
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The person down the hall might experience a faster load time because a local DNS server has cached the IP address corresponding to so that less time is taken in finding the IP address for there browsing session.
The person down the hall might experience a slower load time because packets on the Internet are routed differently depending on local traffic, so packets to their machine could take longer to arrive just because of Internet traffic in Los Angeles that might slow things down.
The person down the hall might experience a faster load time because all web pages from China are stored in a central server at Duke once they've been retrieved the first time so that they can be scanned for malware -- thus their load is faster because they load from the local, Duke copy of the webpage.
It's possible that the person down the hall will experience a slower load time because they are using a wireless network on their laptop while I'm using a wired connection from my desktop machine.
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Question 8 text   Question 8   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.95 points  
  The domain name is currently owned by someone, but the domain name is available for purchase as of 10:08 am on December 1.

Which of the following is NOT true regarding these domain names?
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Only people affiliated with Duke University can purchase domain names with the word 'Duke' in them.
The actual machine hosting the website could be located anywhere in the world and the Domain Name System (DNS) would help locate that machine whenever someone tries to load the webpage from
To purchase the domain name (if it is still available) for a year will cost less than $100.
It is possible for and to map to the same webserver so that the same content is served when either URL is used to get a webpage.
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Question 9 text   Question 9   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.85 points  
  The number of bits in an IPv6 address is:
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64 bits
128 bits
256 bits
512 bits
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Question 10 text   Question 10   Multiple Choice Average Score 0.63 points  
  Which of the following is NOT a quote from Richard Stallman. You can reason about this by understanding Stallman's basic philosophy with respect to free software.
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Capitalism is this wonderful thing that motivates people, it causes wonderful inventions to be done. But in this area of diseases of the world at large, it's really let us down. 62.987%
It's clear that other problems such as religious fundamentalism, overpopulation, damage to the environment, and the domination of business over government, science, thought, and society, are much bigger than non-free software. But many other people are already working on them, and I don't have any great aptitude or ideas for how to address them. So it seems best for me to keep working on the issue of free software. Besides, free software does counter one aspect of business domination of society. 5.844%
For personal reasons, I do not browse the web from my computer. (I also have no net connection much of the time.) To look at page I send mail to a daemon which runs wget and mails the page back to me. It is very efficient use of my time, but it is slow in real time. 22.727%
The War on Drugs has continued for some 20 years, and we see little prospect of peace, despite the fact that it has totally failed and given the US an imprisonment rate almost equal to Russia. I fear that the War on Copying could go on for decades as well. To end it, we will need to rethink the copyright system, based on the Constitution's view that it is meant to benefit the public, not the copyright owners. Today, one of the benefits the public wants is the use of computers to share copies. 7.143%
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