Compsci 82, Fall 2009, Cyberbonus

By entering your name/net-id below you indicate you are in class on November 2 to answer these questions and that you have answered them. As many as four can claim credit for answers on one sheet.

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  1. A Wired news article from on October 27 describes a criminal "attack" on the Gawker newsite in which a malware-laced ad was served by Gawker. Gawker personnel bought into this, despite the email from the fake ad-agency coming from instead of which is the real ad-agency for Japanese company Suzuki for which the fake ad was placed.

    Are the people at Gawker idiots? Why?

  2. If Duke's OIT (Office of Information Technology) employed hardware to enable Deep Packet Inspection of your Internet traffic as part of ensuring Duke staff and students weren't engaged in illegal downloading of copyrighted materials (e.g., songs, movies, TV shows) would you be concerned? Why?