Compsci 82, Fall 2009, DMCA Questions

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DMCA Agent at Duke

Who is the DMCA agent at Duke University? The DMCA agent is responsible for receiving notifications of copyright infringement for any organization that serves as in Internet Service Provider?

What college did Duke's DMCA agent attend? What else can you determine about this person from a few minutes of searching via a web browser?

RIAA and DMCA at Duke

According to the Jan 29, 2009 Duke ITAC (Information Technology Advisory Council) online minutes the following reflects Duke's policy with respect to copyright, the RIAA, and the DMCA.
Larry Moneta opened by noting that the industry recently decided to change their approach.  Larry M. mentioned that he, Tracy and Henry Cuthbert from the Office of General Counsel have managed the university’s approach in response the recording industry’s efforts and that they established the university’s position after a great deal of deliberation.   The goal was to balance three principles:

  1. Right to student privacy – It was of paramount importance to maintain student privacy.
  2. Legal obligations – Assure Duke met its legal obligations under DMCA.
  3. Copyright ethics – An institutional position on copyright holders’ rights to their intellectual copyright, of importance to Duke as producer knowledge and intellectual property.

What are Duke's legal obligations under the DMCA and what is meant by "copyright ethics" in the phrasing above?