Compsci 82, Fall 2009, Ge Wang Visit

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  1. Ge took courses at Duke from Scott Lindroth and Owen Astrachan. Why?
  2. Ge is the Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of smule, the company that has created the Ocarina, I am T-Pain, and Sonic Lighter iPhone apps. Among the other officers/employees listed on the company's website is Rebecca Fiebrink who is listed as Funkadelic Programistress. What are Rebecca's responsibilities?
  3. What's something in Ge's iTunes library?
  4. In Ge Wang's online biography this quote is found above his picture:
    Overall, Ge's mission is to deeply explore new ways with which people think, do, and interact through sound, technology, and music.
    Do you think that his work with Ocarina, the MoPho orchestra, and related endeavors is consistent with this mission? Why?