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Name Feedback Survey
Attempts 234 (Total of 239 attempts for this assessment)

Question 1 text   Question 1   Multiple Answer  
  The instructions for the online midterm indicated you could use notes, books, the Internet, but  asked that you not discuss the midterm with anyone. Which of the following applies to you (you can check more than one response).
Question 1 answers
Answers Percent Answered
I saw students discussing the midterm questions.
I discussed the midterm questions with another student.
I spent more than four hours on the online midterm questions.
I spent less than an hour on the online midterm questions.

Question 2 text   Question 2   Multiple Choice  
  How many of the readings for the course have you completed?
Question 2 answers
Answers Percent Answered
I read/skimmed the articles for my group's week, but no others.
I've missed a few readings, but try to keep up with them and have done many.
I have done nearly all or all of the readings (not necessarily including the quantitative readings.)
I haven't done any readings, including those for my group.
Unanswered 0%

Question 3 text   Question 3   Multiple Choice  
  Which one of the following best reflects your view of the work you've done to date as part of this course.
Question 3 answers
Answers Percent Answered
I have coped with the readings and work so far, they haven't been overwhelming, but they've taken time.
I have done very little work so far in this course, readings and otherwise.
There is more work than I expected and keeping up has taken more time than I anticipated at the beginning of the semester, but I've coped.
I am overwhelmed in keeping up.
Unanswered 0%