Compsci 82, Fall 2009, Finding Cookies

first cookie
To find cookies using Firefox, first you have to get to the Firefox>Preferences>Privacy dialog. On a Mac you find the preferences menu choice under the main Firefox menu, which is just to the right of the apple in the menu bar. Choose preferences as shown in the screen shot to the left for a Mac. Then continue as described below.

On a windows machine, choose the Tools>Options menu to get the dialog shown below. This means from the Firefox Tools menu choose the last choice which should be labeled Options. Then see the screen shots below.

Removing and Viewing Cookies

Depending on the version of Firefox you're using, you'll see either the dialog on the left or on the right, below. Choose the Privacy tab, then either click show cookies as on the left or click the link remove individual cookies as on the right.

second cookie third cookie

To view/count/remove cookies, use the dialog that pops up, shown below. The idea is to remove all the cookies, then visit a site and count the new cookies. You'll need to expand the tabs in the dialog (the little triangles) to count the cookies.

fourth cookie