CPS 238 I/O-Efficient Algorithms


In this course we consider the design and analysis of I/O-efficient (or external memory) algorithms and data structures for problems involving massive amounts of data.


Thursdays 5:10-7:40 in D344 (note the changed time!)


Lars Arge

Office: D205 LSRC Bldg
Phone: 660-6557
E-mail: large@cs.duke.edu


CPS230 (or equivalent) and an interest in algorithms. Undergraduates who have taken CPS130 and are intersted in taking this class is encouraged to contact Lars Arge.

Course material:

The course will be based on original papers, survey papers and lecture notes.

Course Synopsis:

Summary of Lectures:

A summary of the lectures held so far, a list of the material covered, handouts, along with information about what is approximately going to happen in the next lectures, can be found here.


Grading will be based on a combination of some of the following; homework, class participation, class presentations, and a term paper/project.

Lars Arge
Fri Nov 16 2001