CPS 238 I/O-Efficient Algorithms

Summary of Lectures and List of Material

Sep 4
Outline of course 
Sep 6
Intro: I/O-model and fundamental bounds
Sorting and Searching: External sorting, B-trees
[AV] sec 3+5
[Agis] sec  1, 2, 3.1-3.2, [AL]
[Mehlhorn], [Ads] sec 2.0
Sep 13
Sorting and Searching: Buffer-trees, lower bounds [Agis] sec 3.3, [Abuffer] sec 1-4, [Alower]
[AV] (only stuff on sorting/permuting lower bound)
Sep 20
Graph problems: List ranking, algorithms on trees. [CGGTVV], sec 3-6, [Abuffer] sec 4.1
Sep 27
Graph problems: Depth-First and Breadth-First Search [CGGTVV], sec 7, [BGVW], [MR] sec 5.1. 3.1
Oct 4
Graph problems: Minimal Spanning Tree,
Shortest paths (tournement tree)
[ABT] sec 2. (note on vertex contraction later)
[KS] sec 3.
Oct 11
Graph problems: Shortest paths, discussion of other results,
lower bounds (model discussion and SPN, CC, list ranking bounds)
[KS] sec 5.2,  [T], (review of [ABW])
[CGGTVV] sec. 2, [Aobbd] sec 2.3-lemma 2
(review of [MR] sec 2-4, [AKL] sec 1-4])
Oct 18
Graph problems: Graph blocking
Batched geometric problems: Distribution sweeping,
external segment trees, batched filtering
[Agis] sec 4.1-4.2. [GTVV] sec 2
Oct 25
Batched geometric problems: External extended segment trees
and fractional cascading
[AVV] sec 1-2, [Agis] 4.3.1-4.3.2
Nov 1
Nov 8
Batched geometric problems: Overview of results (line segment
intersection, convex hull, randomized algorithms), lower bounds
Geometric searching problems: Weight-balanced and persistent
([Agis] sec 4.3.3-4.4, [AVV] sec 3,
[CGGTVV], [CFMMR]sec 6, [AM] sec 1)
[Ads] sec 2.1, [AVi] sec 3.1, [BGOSW], ([VV])
Nov 15
Geometric searching problems: External interval tree, logarithmic
method, dynamic point location
[Ads] sec 3-4, [AVi],
[AABV] sec 1-2, [AVa] sec 1-3
Nov 22
Nov 29
 Geometric searching problems: External priority search tree, 
external range tree, kd-B trees
[Ads] sec 5-6, [ASV] sec 1+3-4,[AAPV]
Dec 6
 Geometric searching problems: O-tree, overview of other
worst-case and heuristic results
[KS] sec 4, [Ads] sec 7-9, [NW]

List of Material

  1. [AV] The Input/Output Complexity of Sorting and Related Problems. A. Aggarwal and J. Vitter. CACM 31 (9), 1988.
  2. [Agis] External-Memory Algorithms with Applications in Geographic Information Systems, L. Arge. In Algorithmic Foundations of GIS, M. van Kreveld, J. Nievergelt, T. Roos, and P. Widmayer (Eds.), Springer, 1997.
  3. [AL] External partition element finding, Lecture notes by L. Arge and M. G. Lagoudakis.
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  6. [Abuffer] The Buffer Tree: A New Technique for Optimal I/O-Algorithms. L. Arge. Full version of paper in Proc. WADS'95.
  7. [Alower] Lower bound on External Permuting/Sorting, Lecture note by L. Arge.
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Lars Arge
Fri Dec 7, 2001