CPS 196.3: Introduction to Database Systems
(Fall 2002)


Lecture Notes

WeekDate TopicNotes*Slides**
12002-08-27 Introduction PDF PDF
2002-08-29 Relational model & algebra PDF PDF
22002-09-03 Database design in E/R model PDF PDF
2002-09-05 Database design in E/R model PDF PDF
32002-09-10 Relational database design theory PDF PDF
2002-09-12 SQL: basics PDF PDF
42002-09-17 SQL: aggregation, grouping, ordering, NULL's, outerjoins PDF PDF
2002-09-19 SQL: modifications, constraints, triggers PDF PDF
52002-09-24 SQL: views, indexes, transactions PDF PDF
2002-09-26 SQL: transactions (cont'd), programming PDF PDF
62002-10-01 SQL: recursion PDF PDF
2002-10-03 More relational database deisgn theory PDF PDF
72002-10-08 Data warehousing and data mining PDF PDF
2002-10-10 Midterm exam
82002-10-15 Fall break
2002-10-17 XML and DTD PDF PDF
92002-10-22 XPath and XQuery PDF PDF
2002-10-24 XSLT PDF PDF
102002-10-29 SAX and DOM PDF PDF
2002-10-31 Supporting XML in relational databases PDF PDF
112002-11-05 Physical data organization PDF PDF
2002-11-07 Indexing PDF PDF
122002-11-12 Indexing continued
2002-11-14 Query processing PDF PDF
132002-11-19 Query processing PDF PDF
2002-11-21 Query optimization PDF PDF
142002-11-26 Transaction processing PDF PDF
2002-11-28 Thanksgiving break
152002-12-03 Transaction processing continued
2002-12-05 Web crawling, indexing, and ranking PDF PDF
162002-12-13 Final exam (Friday, 7:00pm-10:00pm)

* Generally available in the morning on the day of the lecture. They are intentionally made incomplete in order to keep the lectures more lively. You can print these slides out and use them for taking notes during the lecture. These slides may contain typos/errors that are corrected only in the complete version.

** Available on the same day after the lecture. They are complete, with typos/errors corrected.


Assignment Download Assigned Due
Homework #1 PDF Tuesday, 2002-09-03 Thursday, 2002-09-12
Homework #2 PDF Tuesday, 2002-09-17 Thursday, 2002-09-26
Optional Problem Set #1 PDF Thursday, 2002-10-03 Tuesday, 2002-10-08
Homework #3 PDF Tuesday, 2002-10-29 Thursday, 2002-11-07
Homework #4 PDF Tuesday, 2002-11-19 Tuesday, 2002-12-03
Project PDF Thursday, 2002-09-12 See project description
Optional Problem Set #2 PDF Friday, 2002-12-06 Wednesday, 2002-12-11

Programming Notes