Welcome to CompSci 108!
Software Design and Implementation



This is a course in object oriented programming and design. It is based on working in teams, ranging from two to four people. There are smaller, individual assignments as well to ensure that everyone who completes the course is "certified" as capable of writing and understanding reasonably complex programs. The course will use both Java and C++. It is assumed that you have previously programmed extensively using C++ (e.g., at the level of CompSci 100 at Duke).

This is a course in which you will design and implement lots of programs. Along the way, you will learn both low-level and high-level idioms and patterns of programming that will make you wonderful, intelligent programmers and designers. You will study about optimizations for people and for computers, become more adept at object oriented design and programming, and learn that doing things simply is a wonderful way to start.

If you do not have experience programming with C++ as learned in CompSci 100, this probably is not the right course for you. See the course staff if you have questions.


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