CPS 300 (Fall 2008):
Introduction to Graduate Study

Course Information


Course Description

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to research in computer science, and to your new roles as a graduate student and as a scientist/technologist. This course is required for all entering graduate students in computer science.

The Wednesday class meetings will consist of a combination of presentations by the instructor and guests, as well as discussions led by students. We will meet only every other week. There will be (unscored) assignments and no exams. Grades are based on class participation and satisfactory completion of assignments.

Besides the Wednesday class meetings, you are required to attend all talks in the Triangle Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer Series (TCSDLS) hosted by Duke. As a member of the department, you are strongly encouraged to attend all talks in the Duke Computer Science Colloquia Series and other (live telecast) talks in TCSDLS.


Jun Yang
Email domain: cs.duke.edu, user: junyang (address is user@domain)
Office: D327 LSRC
Office hours: Fridays 4-5pm

Time and Place

4:25-5:30pm on alternate Wednesdays, starting from August 27
LSRC Room D243

See also TCSDLS and Colloquia calendars. These talks are typically 4-5pm on Mondays, in North 130A and LSRC D106 respectively.


The email address cps300@cs.duke.edu reaches everybody in the class as well as the instructor. Only announcements, questions/answers, and comments of general interests should be sent to this address. Specific questions should be directed to the instructor. Please check your emails regularly, as important announcements and information will be sent via email.

Standards of Conduct

Under the Duke Graduate School Standards of Conduct, you are expected to perform your own work in this course. On many occasions, it is useful to ask others (the instructor or other students) for hints or help, or to talk generally about your work. Such activity is both acceptable and encouraged, but you must acknowledge any assistance you received. Any assistance received that is not given proper citation will be considered a violation of the Standards of Conduct. The course staff will pursue aggressively all suspected cases of violations, and they will be handled through official University channels.

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