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Data-intensive Computing Systems: Assignments

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AssignmentDue DateSolution
Assignment 1: Programming
(Introduction to MapReduce)
Sept. 16, 5:00 PM
Assignment 2: Written
(First milestone for Project 1)
Sept. 23, 5:00 PM
Assignment 3: Programming
(Using Hadoop on the Amazon Cloud)
Oct. 3, 5:00 PM
Assignment 4: Written
(Second milestone for Project 1)
Oct. 7, 5:00 PM (72 hours grace)
Assignment 5: Written Oct. 21, 5:00 PM Solution
Assignment 6: Written Oct. 24, 5:00 PM Solution
Assignment 7: Written Nov. 21, 5:00 PM Solution
Exercise 8: Written Not graded Solution

Submission Instructions for Programming Assignments

The assignments will be submitted via Ambient WebSubmit. On the submission website you will have to press Select Files, select the .zip (or other archive) file containing your assignment, then choose cps216 from the radio button list and the proper assignment folder. Next, you should introduce your NetID and password and press Submit For Grading.

The archive should contain the following directory structure for each programming assignment:

  1. Create a directory for the assignment, and name it as assignmentN where N is the assignment number. For example, assignment1, assignment2, etc.
  2. For each part of the assignment, create a subdirectory under the main assignment directory, and add the source code and README there. Name the subdirectory as parta for Part A, partb for Part B, etc. For example, the source code and README for Part A of Assignment 1 will be in the directory: assignment1/parta
  3. For each part, write a README file that gives overall high-level documentation of the code and instructions to run the code. We will use the README to understand the code as well as to run it. Your grade may be affected if we cannot understand or run the code.