A Computer Vision Sampler


Final-Exam Sample

A final-exam sample and sample solution are available on the class homework page.

Homework 6

Homework 6 is available on the class homework page. It is in the form of a mini-project and is due by 11:59pm on December 7. Start early!


There is a midterm exam on Thursday, November 5th, from 10:05am to 11:20am and a final exam on Sunday, December 13, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Both exams are in LSRC D106. The schedule for the final is set by Duke's Registrar.

We will use Piazza to communicate with each other outside of class. Sign up for Piazza here the first time if you haven't already.
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"We need to go deeper"

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This course explores concepts in both visual recognition and visual reconstruction through a sample of techniques. There will be lectures, class discussion, homework, and homework-sized projects.

The class meets in room D106 of the Levine Science Research Building.

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