Fall 2016 - COMPSCI 330 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Algorithms are one of the foundations of computer science. Designing efficient algorithms under different resource constraint is a ubiquitous problem. In this course, we will study basic principals of designing and analyzing algorithms. In the class we will see classical examples of algorithms design including graph algorithms, data structures, Linear Programming and gradient descent. The goal of this course is to familiarize undergraduate students with algorithm design techniques that can be generalized to many application areas.


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Text Book:

Lecture notes will be uploaded on the course website after every lecture. In addition, the following books cover most of the syllabus:


There are two hard prerequisites (equivalent courses are also acceptable):

If you do not satisfy these prerequisites, please contact the instructor.


The grades will be determined by homework, midterm exam and final exam. Both exams are in-class closed-book exams.


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This course covers the design and analysis of algorithms at an undergraduate level. The following is a tentative list of topics to be covered:


Date Contents Notes References
8/29 Intro: Algorithms, Asymptotic Notations Notes
Basic Algorithm Design Techniques
8/31 Divide and Conquer Notes
DPV 2, KT 5, CLRS 4
9/5 Notes
9/7 Dynamic Programming
Notes DPV 6, KT 6, CLRS: 15
9/12 Notes
9/14 Greedy Algorithm Notes
DPV 5, KT 4, CLRS: 16
9/19 Notes
Graph Algorithms
Graph representations and traversal Notes DPV 3, KT 3, CLRS 22
9/26 Notes
9/28 Shortest Paths algorithms Notes DPV: 4.6, 6.6 KT: 6.8
CLRS: 24.1, 25
10/3 Minimum Spanning Tree
DPV: 5 KT: 4 CLRS: 16, 23
10/5 Bipartite Graphs, Maximum Matching Notes DPV 7 KT: 7 CLRS: 26
10/10 Fall break, No class
10/12 Review: How to find the right technique
10/17 Mid-Term Exam (in class)
All materials in previous lectures.

Amortized Analysis
10/19 Dynamic Array
Notes KT 4.6 CLRS 17, 20
10/24 Disjoint set Notes
Randomized Algorithms
10/26 Basic Probabilities, Quicksort revisited, fast selection Notes DPV: virtural chapger
KT: 13
CLRS: 5, 11
10/31 Birthday Paradox, Coupon Collector, Balls in Bins Notes
11/2 Hashing Notes
Linear Programming
11/7 Linear Programming, Relaxations Notes CLRS 29
11/9 Duality Notes
11/14 Linear Programming Algorithms Notes
Machine Learning Algorithms
11/16 Basic Machine Learning, Principled Component Analysis Slides Notes
11/21 Gradient Descent and Least Squares Notes
11/23 Thanksgiving
11/28 P vs NP, reductions
Notes DPV: 8 KT: 8
CLRS: 34
More reductions
12/5 How to deal with NP-hard problems?
12/7 Review/Information about Exam
Slides Notes
12/17 Final Exam 2 pm - 5pm