Rules of Engagement

This course was intentionally and appropriately curated using factual information to help students begin to think critically about not only the technology developed, but also the environments in which they are developed (including academic environments). It is extremely important that this course is prioritized as a safe space for learning/growing. The course discusses sensitive topics that impact people with different identities in different ways. As such, it requires participation that is respectful of all identities. Failure to abide by this (including verbal and written language that is found to be abusive, offensive, threatening, and/or hateful) will result in reporting to the proper university officials. Repeated incidents will result in appropriate university grievance harassment procedures and additional actions, as necessary. For more information, refer to the Duke Community Standard).

The rules of engagement below were developed by Dr. Amrah Salomón J.(Department of English, University of California Santa Barbara). Additional rules of engagement will be developed by the class as a collective.