Elements of Machine Learning



Homework shows up more or less weekly on the class homework page.


We will be using EdDiscussion to communicate, especially for Q&A about homework. The site is available through Sakai.

Lecture Recordings

Lectures are automatically recorded on the Panopto system, and are available here. You need a Duke affiliation to access the recordings.


The midterm exam is in person on Thursday, October 26 during the regular lecture period.

The final exam is in person and set by the Duke registrar for Saturday, December 16, starting at 9am. It will be two hours in length (regardless of the length mentioned on the Duke registrar page).

Children learn in a variety of ways. Machine learning systems, on the other hand, mainly observe a multitude of examples and infer some pattern from them. This process is akin to data fitting, except that the goal is for the system to do well on new inputs, not just on the given examples. [Photo from pexels.com]

This course covers fundamental concepts of supervised machine learning, with sample algorithms and applications. "Supervised" means that for every example question given to the learner the corresponding correct answer is given as well. The course focuses on how to think about machine learning problems and solutions, rather than on a systematic coverage of techniques.

The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am to 9:45am in room 2231 of the French Family Science Building.

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