Compsci 182s, Spring 2011, First Paper

Write an argumentative essay in which you take a stand, buttressed by research, for one side in one of the domains listed below. See the help pages for sources that will help you write an essay.

Possible Paper Topics

  1. Google, Oracle, Android and Java, issues in copyright.

    Engadget starting point with links to other articles, among them: this one on FOSS Patents

    Take a stand either for Google or for Oracle.

  2. Blizzard (WOW) v. MDY (Glider)

    EFF overview of Ninth Circuit Ruling from December 2010 (the opinion/ruling can be found here).

    Take a stand either for Blizzard/WOW or for MDY/Glider.

  3. Search Neutrality ars technica on Search Neutrality which provides links to several articles and scholarly papers related to search neutrality.

    Take a stand arguing for regulation enforcing search neutrality or against such regulation.