Compsci 6, Spring 2012, Hangman How-to

Hangman guidlines and requirements.

code directory

  1. You will snarf some code. You will create a module named and write code in that module only.

  2. Your program must consist of functions and function calls. There can be no global variables in your program.

  3. Your program must be robust in the face of user errors, but don't worry too much about that.

  4. The user should have the choice of deciding the length of the word and the number of misses allowed.

  5. You'll need import modules WordLoader and random in the module you write:

  6. The sample output on the assignment writeup page should be generically followed in that the user should see a representation of the secret word with guesses filled in, the letters used so far, and so on.

We'll supply more guidelines in terms of function parameters and return types as part of class and walkthroughs.

Coding Guidelines