Course Description

This course explores how identity impacts and is impacted by computing. The course first explores identity, forms of oppression, social justice movements, and policies related to people from various identities. Identity is then explored in the context of computing/tech environments and the technologies developed, including their impact on people and policies developed.

Required Background

No prior experience in computing or social science is required. This courses does not require or teach programming or CS constructs. It is designed to provide an introduction to how and why technologies impact people in different ways. The only requirement is a willingness to learn.

Course Materials

The course leverages news articles, podcast episodes, Ted Talks, interviews, documentaries, and books. All course material is available to students via the Duke Library or various websites at no charge. Students may choose to purchase any books at their discretion.

Areas of Knowledge

Social Science (SS)

Modes of Inquiry

Cross-Cultural Inquiry (CCI); Science, Technology, and Society (STS); and Writing Modes of Inquiry(W)

Last Updated:1/2/2022