CompSci 290
Spring 2024
Educational Technology Practicum

The world needs character-building education, not puppet-producing education. ― Abhijit Naskar


Date Readings Wed Due
1 - Jan 10   NO CLASS  
2 - Jan 17 Pedagogies of Oppression
Historical Amnesia of Ed Tech
Future of Education
Course Overview
Rules of Engagement
Present: Learning Experiences
Discussion: What is EdTech?
Activity: Transitioning from Learner to Designer
3 - Jan 24
Learning: From Speculation to Science
Learning Theories
Bloom’s Taxonomy Of Learning
Zone Of Proximal Development
Present: Learning Theories
Discussion: APT System
Activity: Metacognition
4 - Jan 31
Analytics in Learning and Education
Analyzing Student Work Patterns
Ethics of Learning Analytics
Coding and Coping with ChatGPT
Demo: Updated APT System
Discussion: LLMs in CompSci Education
Activity: AI Possibilities and Privacy
Updated APT System, Sun Feb 4
5 - Feb 7 Return of Artificial Intelligence
Usability of Copilot for Novice Programmers
Bug Detection by Students and LLMs
Present: User Data Collection
Discussion: Privacy and Lean Data Practices
Activity: Experiment with ChatGPT Apps
6 - Feb 14
Personal Learning Environments
Adaptive Learning vs. Personalized Learning
PrairieLearn: Mastery-based Online Problem Solving
Usability 101
Demo: LLM Learning Assistant
Discussion: Adaptive and Personalized Learning
Activity: Evaluate Online eBooks
LLM Learning Assistant, Sun Feb 18
7 - Feb 21
Gaming Can Make a Better World
How Gamification Works
Demystifying Gamification
Power and Pitfalls of Gamification
Present: Gamification
Discussion: What Games add to Learning
Activity: Edu100 Brainstorming
8 - Feb 28
Open Textbooks
Why Digital Textbooks Are A Necessity
Analysis of Interactive Features in an Ebook
Exploring the Use of E-Textbooks in Higher Education
Demo: Update Online "Book"
Activity: User Testing
Update Online "Book", Sun Mar 3
9 - Mar 6 Proposed New Duke Arts and Sciences Curriculum
Future of Education
9 Big Questions Schools Must Answer
Report: Edu100 Workshop
Discussion: Future of the University
Activity: Final Project Brainstorming
User Feedback Response, Fri Mar 8
10 - Mar 13
11 - Mar 20
    Final Project Proposal
12 - Mar 27
    Final Project Wireframe
13 - Apr 3
14 - Apr 10
    Final Project Progress
15 - Apr 17
16 - Apr 24
    Final Project Demo