CompSci 308
Spring 2024
Advanced Software Design and Implementation

Weekly Journal : SLogo Teamwork Reflection

At the core of healthy team relationships is trust and respect. ― Jim Highsmith,  Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products

For this entry, take a some time to reflect on the project's planning and progress, by analyzing your own role and the roles each person assumed in the team (describe actions, not personal qualities or personalities) and drawing conclusions about how the outcome could be improved in the future.

Submitting Your Work

Submit this Google Form, in which you will evaluate yourself and your other team member(s) as a tool to help improve everyone's experience with group work.


Submit a Markdown formatted plain text file, named, to the individual portfolio_NETID repository provided for you in the course's Gitlab group.


Peer Review

Review your teammates and yourself to determine who has been cooperative and proactive as well as helping those who have not improve for future projects. In general, your evaluations will not directly affect other members' final grade but will let members know how their teammates view their contribution to the project so they can adjust effort and behavior as needed (if nothing is reported, then you are saying that everything was as good as possible). It is their response to feedback, whether or not effort is made to improve as a teammate, that will affect the final grade. To give everyone the best chance for success, please rate your team members as honestly, accurately, and consistently as possible.

Teamwork Reflection

In Markdown, discuss the effectiveness of your team's communication, cooperation, and planning. Describe specific, impactful, events during the project to justify your comments rather than general terms like "always late", "writes bad code", etc. For example, a better description would be "Look at commit XXX, it was three days after it was promised (in an email/chat or a public meeting) and it did not work with the current version of the code so it broke the build."

Use the following questions to guide your reflection: