CompSci 308
Spring 2024
Advanced Software Design and Implementation

Weekly Journal : Midpoint Project Reflection

Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers. — Bernard Haisch

For this entry, take a some time to reflect on the project's progress at approximately its midpoint, by analyzing your own role on the team and drawing conclusions about how the final outcome could be improved. These efforts at meta-cognition helps you deepen your learning by making you more aware of your own thinking and more active in your education.

Submitting Your Work

Submit a Markdown formatted plain text file, named, to the individual portfolio_NETID repository provided for you in the course's Gitlab group.


Feedback Reflection

Reflect on the feedback you have received in this course from peers, UTAs, and instructors. Consider the critiques, suggestions, and insights you garnered during that process, and how they shaped your understanding and approach to learning and improving as a programmer.

In your examples, articulate specific lessons you've learned, the adjustments you've made, and the insights you've gained through the course's iterative process. Reflect on the value of feedback as a catalyst for growth and improvement, and consider how you can continue to refine your skills and approach moving forward.

Project Midpoint Reflection

Reflect on the project's progress, planning and tracking it using Agile guidelines, and what you can still do to improve over the remainder of the project.

Use the following questions to guide your reflection:


ChatGPT can help you generate ideas, create example code, review, refactor, or even debug code. While you are not required to use it, if you do, I think it would be helpful to share our collective experiences. To that end, each week's Journal will include a place for you to share how you used ChatGPT in more detail than would typically be found when attributing it within your code or README file. I have also created an ED thread tag for ChatGPT. This exercise can also help you reflect on how to use it more deliberately and usefully.