CompSci 308
Spring 2024
Advanced Software Design and Implementation

Lab Team Meeting: Sprint Retrospective

This exercise is intended to help your team reflect on your progress and goals in order to improve everyone's efforts (to work smarter, not harder). Improvement is a fundamental goal of Agile and embodied in the Sprint Retrospective, considered by many to be the most important activity in Scrum. If done properly, Retrospectives can be a place where teams grow and deepen their trust; but, without a belief that everyone is doing their best, it can easily get derailed and turn blameful.

Use this time to discuss any issues so nothing festers and try not to take anything said personally.

In this exercise, your team will hold a:

  1. Stand Up Meeting
  2. Retrospective

For each part: Summarize the group's discussion in the doc/ file (where N is either 1, 2, or 3).

Stand Up Meeting

Hold a "Stand Up" meeting, a typical way to report progress in an Agile project, in which each person answers three questions and longer discussions are held later by specific people that can be helpful or have a vested interest in the topic:

This helps inform the entire team about the project's progress, while also facilitating cross collaboration (so make sure to act on it by planning a later smaller meeting).


A Sprint Retrospective is a great way for your team to reflect on the previous sprint, the work that was done, the goals achieved, and generate ideas for improvement.

As an outcome, refine one thing your team can improve about your communication or process next Sprint that can be "measured" or determined to be successful.

Submitting your Work

Submit your discussion summary to the file doc/ of the master branch of your team's provided Gitlab repository using the commit message "lab_retrospective_sprint_N - participating NETIDs".