\ CPS512: Distributed Systems Syllabus

CPS512: Computer Distributed Systems Syllabus


There are no official texts for the course. As background, we suggest several texts:


Your final grade for the course will be based on the projects and assignments. The weights of each project and assignment will be posted after determined. Assignments must be done individually. And the final project in CPS512 is an open-ended research project, done in groups of two. The project requires a proposal, a project status report, and a final report (both written and presented). There will be a few problem sets assigned during the term. Problem sets will be a mix of theory and hands-on programming assignments.


Date Topics Notes Readings
Fri 01/09 NO CLASS
Wed 01/14 Content delivery networks I.
Akamai Network
Fri 01/16 Content delivery networks II.
Web 01/21 Akamai Stories
Fri 01/23 Consistent Hashing and BitTorrent
Bittorrent ConsistentHashing
Wed 01/28 Cryptography Basics I
Fri 01/30 Cryptography Basics II
Wed 02/04 Map Reduce
Fri 02/06 Raft
Wed 02/11 DFS/HDFS
Fri 02/13 Chord
Chord FreeNet
Wed 02/18 Download Manager/NetSession
Fri 02/20 Cloud Performance
Wed 02/25 Cloud Storage
Cassandra Megastore
Fri 02/27 Tor
Wed 03/04 DNS
Fri 03/06 BGP
03/07 - 03/16 SPRING BREAK
Wed 03/18 DSSP
Ferdinand Security Tradeoff
Fri 03/20 Internet at speed of Light
Wed 03/25 Incrementally Deployable ICN
Fri 03/27 Quiz 1
Wed 04/01 Cutting the Electrical Bill
Fri 04/03 Protecting Web Sites
Wed 04/08 Cheating at On-Line Multiplayer Games
Fri 04/10 Project Presentations
Wed 04/15 Quiz 2

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