Compsci 82, Fall 2009, Takehome Final

The takehome final is taken via Blackboard, it consists of 25 multiple choice questions. Most of the questions appear in some form as one of the questions distributed to the class before hand. The class responses have been tabulated and are linked to below. The class "crowd wisdom" succeeded in getting all but one question correct. The one question missed was the last one in the second group. That question has been marked.

The Takehome Final

You have two chances to take the online, takehome final. To ensure that you really have two chances, the questions on the takehome final are linked here: takehome questions. You can look at these ahead of time, print them, study them, etc.

In completing the online final, you may use notes, books, the Internet. You may not talk with any person about these problems. If you have questions, send email to Prof. Astrachan. Adhering to these rules is part of both the Duken Community Standard and Compsci 82 Goodness points.

Questions Distributed in Advance