CPS 250: Numerical Analysis | Spring 2010
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  • Have a good summer !

  • Time: 4:25pm to 5:40pm Tu. Th. Class location: D106 LSRC
    Instructor: Xiaobai Sun Email: xiaobai at cs.duke.edu
    Office: D 107 LSRC Office Hour: TBA
    TA: Jun Hu Email: junhu at cs.duke.edu
    Office: North Building 303B Office Hour: TBA

  • Calculus
  • Linear algebra
  • Knowledge of computer arithmetic and architectures
  • Experience in computer programming
  • (such as C, or MATLAB, or FOUTRAN)

  • Textbooks & References
  • Burden and Faires ( required, after 7th Ed. )
  • Kincaid and Cheney ( the version at the graduate level )
  • Dahlquist and Bjork ( the early edition )
  • Other reference books on numerical analysis and methods that suit or meet individual needs Certain seminal papers that are to be provided