CPS 300 (Fall 2010):
Introduction to Graduate Study

Course Information

The following schedule is tentative.

109-01Jun: Introduction & Requirements Jeopardy! Warm-UpPDF PDF
209-08Jun: Grad School EssentialsPDF
309-15Jun: Requirements Jeopardy!PDF
409-22Ben: Computer Architecture: Emerging Constraints & Evolving PrioritiesPDF
509-29Bruce D.: Computational Biology
610-06Shivnath: Data-intensive systems
710-13Jeff Chase: Systems research: ideas and advicesPDF
810-20Xiaobai: Scientific computingPDF
910-27Carlo: CreativityPPT
1011-03Jun: More Grad School TipsPDF
1111-10Romit & Xiaowei: Networking ResearchPDF
1211-17Graduate student panel with Gavin, Susanna, Lirong, Amre, Sayan
1311-24Thanksgiving recess
1412-01Owen: Teaching
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