Compsci 182s, Spring 2011, Readings

Free/online books we'll use in the course. Other readings will be linked here as well.

Record paper responses for each paper you read

Discussion Leaders for each week.

January 13-14

Internet Issues and Background

January 17-21

Tussles and Overview

Reading Quiz

January 24-28

Internet Governance and Protocols

January 31-February 4

Copyright, Patents, DMCA, Open Source

February 7-11

Cyberwar, Cybercrime, Malware

February 14-18

Case Studies

Feb 21-25

Case Studies

February 28 - March 4

March 7-11

Spring Break

March 14-18

March 21-25

Anonymity, Privacy, Cryptography

March 28-April 1

Google and Facebook

April 4-8


April 11-15

Case Studies

April 19-22

Case Studies

April 25-29

Last Week