CompSci 101, Spring 2020

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Editor/Python On Your Laptop

You can use the VM (see below) or install an editor/Python on your own machine using these instructions.

Virtual Machine (VM)

Click here for the VM and more info on the VM and also troubleshooting.

Resources for Studying

Old Tests

Old tests in Python from Fall 2010 onward
Starting in Spring 2018, CompSci 101 was taught using Python3, which means all prior exams will be in Python2 and therefore the answers are based on Python2, not Python3.

In Fall 2012, CompSci 6 was renumbered to CompSci 101. Since 1994 CompSci 6 was taught in C++, then Java and then Python starting in Fall 2010. Hence, this is from 2010 onward.

Exam Reference Sheets

Exam 1 Reference Sheet

Exam 2 Reference Sheet

Sources of extra Python practice

Hour of Python

Practice Python

Coding Bat for Python

JSON References

Online JSON Viewer