CompSci 512 contains two programming assignments. These assignments are to be completed individually. This semester’s lab work uses DSLabs from UW-Seattle. We require only the first two DSLabs to get your feet wet. To get started, you can read the readme file first.

For DSLabs, you will need a standard Java environment and know how to use git and github. Please let us know if you need assistance (try the docs first). We recommend that you clone the dslabs repo.

Grading is through gradescope. To submit to Gradescope, you need to zip your code in the correct format.

For Lab 1, your zip file should contain 3 directories, including atmostonce, clientserver, and kvstore. Each directory contains several .java files.

For Lab 2, your zip file should contain 4 directories, including atmostonce, clientserver, kvstore, and primaryback. Each directory contains several .java files.

Do not post your lab solutions on publicly accessible web sites (e.g., GitHub) or file spaces (e.g., CS GitLab’s non-private projects).

Do not start a lab the night before a lab is due. The manifestation of a bug in distributed systems can be bewildering and may require much thought and careful debugging to understand and fix. It’s much more time-efficient to do the labs in several sessions spread over multiple days.