CompSci 290
Spring 2024
Educational Technology Practicum

In-Class Activity: Brainstorming for the Edu100 Workshop

Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. — Chinese Proverb

In preparation for going to the Edu100 Design Summit next week, I want to hear your, more diverse, thoughts about what education might look like in 50 years (2074!).

Submitting your Work

In groups, use this shared Google Doc to record your brainstorming session about the proposed Design Summit scenarios.

In your groups, each person should take on the following roles:


Choose a scenario to discuss from the following and form groups based on your interest/access. Try to make sure groups review different scenarios so they are all covered (maybe in two separate rounds).

  1. Climate Change and the Role of Education: When education institutions are the #1 trusted civic authorities and forces for community impact in the face of a climate disaster.
  2. Culturally Responsive Al Curriculum: When Al-enhanced learning experiences reflect diverse communities, avoid bias, and bolster inclusion.
  3. Genetically Engineered Humans: When we understand the implications and potential of enhanced physical/mental capabilities on education and society.
  4. Teaching in a Post-truth Era: When teaching critical thinking and the value of empirical evidence are vital in the face of people ignoring objective facts.
  5. Interspecies Communications: When we advance our space exploration, and must understand the needs/goals of our new extraterrestrial collaborators.
  6. Extended Reality and Historical Revisionism: When historical sites and moments are recreated in XR to align with personal and political agendas.
  7. Mental Well-being in the Digital Age: When social media and digital addiction become the ultimate health threat.
  8. Trauma-informed Teaching and Learning: When a new pandemic is winding down, but the social and emotional consequences of the last are still rippling across the world.

Start by watching the very short linked video and individually writing down as many ideas as you can think of before starting your group discussion.


Then brainstorm ideas about how education might be affected by the scenario's area in the future. Note, brainstorming means focusing on the quantity of ideas over their quality by practicing “Yes, and” to build on what another person shares, rather than objecting to or tearing ideas down the idea. Other suggestions to help you ideate include:


Then pick one idea and tell it as a short story taking place at Duke (50 years) in the future. As in the video, focus your story on as realistic a persona as you can (perhaps your grandchild!) who would be impacted or take advantage of your idea.

Note, Jane McGonigal, Director of Game Research and Development at the Institute for the Future, also has a TED Talk about imagining the future.