CompSci 290
Spring 2024
Educational Technology Practicum
Venn diagram depicting the Community of Inquiry model
The Community of Inquiry model (adapted from a graphic
by the Model eLearning team at Spring Arbour University

In-Class Presentations: Learning Theories

In pairs, present your research about a learning theory during class in a short talk (no more than 5 minutes):

  1. Cognitivism
  2. Connectivism
  3. Constructivism
  4. Metacognition
  5. Vygotsky’s Zone Of Proximal Development
  6. Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  7. Learning Styles and research against them
  8. Bloom's Taxonomy

Submitting your Work

Add your presentation materials (such as slides or notes) to the shared class notes repository's learning_theory folder.

You can either clone the repository and push your files or upload them through the website when you are ready.


Because learning is influenced by many factors, there is no single best or most efficient approach. Instead, our goal is to understand how best to use each when designing EdTech to ensure your work is supported by a principled foundation, not just your "gut".

Focus on the following questions:

  1. What is its theory about how learning or knowledge transfer occurs?
  2. What types of learning does it explain and what factors influence that learning?
  3. What is a good and a poor example of this type of instruction or EdTech you have encountered in your education?
  4. What does it suggest about how instruction should be structured?

You may use any resource you want for your review, but you must cite it in your presentation or README (as appropriate).