CompSci 316 (Fall 2013):
Introduction to Database Systems

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* "Notes" below are usually available in the morning on the day of the lecture. They are intentionally incomplete in order to keep the lectures more lively. You can print them out and use them for taking notes during the lecture. These slides may contain typos/errors that are corrected only in the complete version.

** Available on the same day after the lecture. They are complete, with typos/errors corrected.

108-27 Introduction (M4V) PDF PDF
08-29 No class (instructor at conference)
209-03 Relational model and algebra PDF PDF
09-05 Database design in E/R model PDF PDF
309-10 Database design: E/R and relational translation (+ up to slide 10 below) PDF PDF
09-12 Database design theory (up to slide 36) PDF PDF
409-17 SQL: basics, subqueries, aggregation (up to slide 25) PDF PDF
09-19 SQL: NULL, outerjoin, modifications, constraints (up to slide 16) PDF PDF
509-24 SQL: triggers, views, indexes (up to slide 10) PDF PDF
09-26 Guest lecture by Bill Adair
610-01 SQL: recursion (up to slide 8) PDF PDF
10-03 SQL: programming interface (up to slide 9) PDF PDF
710-08 SQL: transactions (up to slide 8) PDF PDF
10-10 Midterm exam (in class)
810-15 Fall break
10-17 XML/DTD, XML Schema (up to slide 12) PDF PDF
910-22 XPath and XQuery (up to slide 10) PDF PDF
10-24 Catching up (up to slide 32 above; for announcements see below)
1010-29 XSLT PDF PDF
10-31 SAX and DOM PDF PDF
1111-05 XML-relational mapping PDF PDF
11-07 Physical data organization PDF PDF
1211-12 Indexing (up to slide 25) PDF PDF
11-14 Query processing (up to slide 16) PDF PDF
1311-19 More query processing (up to slide 10) PDF PDF
11-21 Query optimization (up to slide 18) PDF PDF
1411-26 Transaction processing (up to slide 14) PDF PDF
11-28 Thanksgiving recess
1512-03 Data warehousing and mining PDF PDF
12-05 Catching up (for announcements see above); early in-class demos
1612-11 Final exam (Wed. 9am-12pm)
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