COMPSCI 514/ECE 558 Computer Networks: Assignments

This course has four types of assignments. We describe each in turn.

Pre-lecture Questions (20%)

Each lecture has an assigned reading. You are required to read it prior to each lecture and write down the answer to a we ask. You must submit adequate answers for at least 18 papers in order to pass the course. The answers are due two hours before each lecture. This is an individual assignment.

The questions will be posted on the syllabus page, but please submit your answer on Sakai. We will assign your answers grades based on the rubric shown below:

Note on Sep. 17th: For the rest of the semester, as we will switch to the pre-recorded lecture, the submission of the pre-lecture questions will switch to posting questions on Piazza or joining the discussion of a question.

We will normalize your total grades of the questions into 20 points in the final grade.

Labs (20%)

We will have two programming labs. Completing the labs will help you understand the basics of networking. Each lab consists of a programming component and some experiments for you to write using the code you write. Labs are individual assignments.

Homework (20%)

We will have two homework sets. The homework will be posted on Sakai. Homework is an individual assignment.

Please submit your homework at Sakai

Project (40%)

A significant part of this course is a semester-long mini-research project. The goal is to learn how to do research in the broad area of networking and distributed systems.

Please see the detailed requirement here. We recommend using this latex template. The major milestones are:

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