COMPSCI 514/ECE 558 Computer Networks: Syllabus

Here is the tentative schedule for lectures and assignment deadlines. All information is subject to change, and please check this page periodically for the updated schedule. You can view the video capture at this link or Sakai.

Date Title Assigned Readings References
08/19 Wed L01: Introduction How to read
08/21 Fri L02: Network Architecture End2End, Questions History, Philosophy, Original TCP/IP, Distributed, Stupid Network
Resource Sharing
08/26 Wed L03: End-to-end Congestion Control Congestion, Questions AIMD Cubic
Out: Lab 1
08/28 Fri L04: Network-assisted Congestion Control RED (Read Section I-IV and skim through the rest) Questions Sizing, PIE
09/02 Wed L05: Explicit Congestion Control XCP (skip Section 4) Questions VCP, BBR Analysis, TCP variants
09/04 Fri L06: Quality of Service Fundamentals (Read Introduction. No pre-lecture questions) IntServ, WFQ, GPS
Out: Project suggestions
09/09 Wed L07: Non-cooperative End Hosts TVA (Read Introduction and Related Work. No pre-lecture questions) Infer
Routing and the Control Plane
09/11 Fri L08: Internet Routing Instability (No reading and no questions) BGP, Inference
Due: Lab 1
Out: Lab 2
09/16 Wed L09: Routing Attacks and Counter Measures Routing Security
09/18 Fri L10: Other BGP problems and fixes Convergence
09/23 Wed L11: Software Defined Networking Open Flow and P4
B4, B4 after
09/25 Fri L12: Multicast Multicast
Due: Lab2
Data Center Networks (DCN)
09/30 Wed L13: Coming of Age of in the Fifth Epoch of Distributed Computing No reading Due: Project Proposal
10/02 Fri L14: DCN Architecture Fat Tree
VL2, JellyFish, Dcell, Bcube, FB data center
10/07 Wed L15: DCN Performance I TCP incast DCTCP, Timers, NDP, HPCC, Timely
Out: HW 1
10/09 Fri L16: Network Support for RDMA RDMA
DCQCN, Timely, IRN
Peer to Peer Networks (P2P)
10/14 Wed L17: Distributed Hash Tables Chord
Kademlia, Survey, Pastry
Due: HW1 Due
10/16 Fri L18: P2P Networks BitTyrant
Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)
10/21 Wed L19: DNS-redirection-based CDNs Akamai Algorithm, Deception, DNS, Drafting
10/23 Fri L20: Anycast CDNs Anycast-SIGCOMM18 Anycast-IMC15, Verfploeter
10/28 Wed L21: Measuring Topology Rocketfuel Sound Measurement
10/30 Fri L22: Measuring other properties King Congestion, Last mile, Packet Dynamics, Routing, Fiber map
Out: HW 2
Social Networks
11/04 Wed L23: Online Social Networks Characteristics Small World, SybilRank, SynchroTrap, Misinformation
Network Architecture Evolution
11/06 Fri L24: Tussle in Cyberspace Tussle Just Works, Public Options
Project Presentations
11/11 Wed L25: Signup I
11/13 Fri L26: Signup II Due: HW2
11/19 Thu Due before 11:59pm: Final Project Hand-ins
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