CPS 296.5/196.5 Spring 2003


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Data Compression with Applications to Multimedia Systems


Th. 2:15-3:30pm (01/16) 

Th. 4:00pm - 6:30pm 

Reasons for the schedule change: (1) reduction in the overhead between classes, (2) ticket-free parking, (3) the best time period  for brain-storming between late lunch and early dinner on Thursday, (4) the only time both Nikos and Ankur are available, and (5) a treaty among representatives from China,  Canada, India,  Singapore, and Germany. 


D243  LSRC (01/16) 

D343  LSRC (other Thursdays) 

Any temporary change in time and location will be announced on this web page. 


Xiaobai Sun
Email: xiaobai@cs.duke.edu
Office: D107/D109 LSRC
Phone: (919)660-6518(O)
Office hours: 3:30-4:30pm, Tu. Th. (other time by appointment)  

 Guest Instructor

Nikos P. Pitsianis
Email: nikos@cs.duke.edu
Office: D109 LSRC
Phone: (919)660-6506(O)
Office hours: (by appointment)


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