CPS 296.5/196.5 Spring 2003


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Data compression is an integral part of data transmission, storage and processing.  We cover different data compression techniques, in the lossless and lossy compression categories, with respect to different types of data such as text, audio, and video data under specific application circumstances or requirements. We introduce the basic theory by Shannon for information encoding, and recent advances in mathematical and algorithmic aspects of data compression. We emphasize on application problems and efficient implementation issues. We give an overview of sound, image and frame-based (MPEG-1/2/4, H.261/3/L) and object-based (e.g. MPEG-4) video coding standards.


Calculus, Linear Algebra, Basic Statistics, Programming Methodology


Introduction to Data Compression by Khalid Sayood

By the end of the semester, a review of the text book will be available. 

Primary reading: C. E. Shannon and Information Theory 

  1.  Claude E. Shannon and Information Theory Scientific American article (Oct 14, 2002) 
  2. Shannon's "A Mathematical Theory of Communication"  originally appeared on The Bell System Technical Journal, Vol. 27, 1948 (required for grad students)

Problem sets and term project

Problem sets will be assigned, approximately every two weeks, along with the introduction of new problems, concepts and algorithms 
The term project consists of a problem-solution description, a software implementation and a formal in-class presentation. The project can be developed individually or within a two-persons team. A list of projects will be suggested in class or proposed by students. 

Books and articles on data compression by authors at Duke CS 

Other references and on-line resources