CPS 296.5/196.5 Spring 2003

Problem Sets

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The problem sets are assigned biweekly. One may work individually or with another teammate. 

Submit the program one per group, before 11:59pm on the due day (unless otherwise specified), using

/afs/acpub/project/cps/bin/submit_cps296.5  homework-? *

where (?) is the corresponding homework number, and (*) is the list of the files that you want to submit.

If you are using MATLAB, you may make use of the following templates :

Template for functions

Template for scripts

MatLab Primer (PS format; PDF format) may help you begin to use MatLab.


  Homework Due Date Remarks
08/26 PS, PDF written part: 09/02 in class
programming part: 09/03 midnight
Please pick up the graded homework on 09/05 at D208 so that it can help you to make a decision whether to drop the class or not before the Drop/Add ends (09/06).
09/06 PS, PDF 09/20  
09/23 PS, PDF 10/04 Audio compression PS, PDF, sample script file
Image restoration PS, PDF, readme, data files 1, 2, 3
10/18 PS, PDF 10/30  
11/01 PS, PDF 11/18  
11/25 PS, PDF 12/04 CellSimulation PS, PDF, source code


All exams are open-book, which means that you may bring any notes with you. The score distribution for each exam will be posted on the web.

  Date Location Remarks
Midterm 1 10/02, Wed. in-class D106  
Midterm 2 11/06, Wed. in-class  D106  
Final 12/12, Thu. 2pm to 5pm   D106  

Rebounding Policy

You may get 50% points back if you resubmit a correct answer within one week after the homework is handed back.
If you turn in your homework within one week after the due time, you can get at most 50% of the total points.
Rebounding policy does NOT apply to tests.