CompSci 102: Discrete Mathematics
(Spring 2006)

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*Professor Jeff Forbes
  • Office: D235 LSRC
  • Email: Email address
  • Phone: 660-6550
  • Office hours: Tuesday 10:30-12, Friday 2:45-4:15, any time my door open (which is most of the time), and by appointment

*TA Seda Vural
  • office: 001 North Bldg.
  • email: Email address.
  • phone: 660-4001
  • Office hours: Monday 11:30-12:30, Wed 1:30-2:30
  • Leads recitation on Friday 10:20-11:10 in D243 LSRC

Meeting Time

Monday, Wednesday from 10:05-11:20 in D243 LSRC


cover Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (5th Edition), Required, by Kenneth Rosen
These books are available at the Duke bookstore. If you do buy books from amazon click through from here and contribute to undergraduate computer science research at Duke.


Grading is done on an absolute, but adjustable scale. This means that there is no curve. Anyone earning 90% or more of the total number of points available will receive a grade in the A range (A- to A+); 80% = B, 70% = C, 60% = D. This scale may go down, but it will not go up.

In order to earn an A+ you must do several of the optional assignments and exceed expectations in general.

Recitation work  10%
In-class work  5%
Assignments 40%
tests (2)  25%
final exam  20%

Late Assignments

Assignments turned in on time receive no penalty. Assignments turned in up to two days late incur a 25% penalty. Assignments turned in more than two days late will not be accepted. A weekend represents one-day for the purposes of measuring lateness.

If you're having trouble, be sure to see a UTA/TA or preferably the professor in charge of the course as far before the due date as possible. Don't give up, ask for help.

Individual extensions will be granted only for medical reasons (see the Short-term Illness Notification policy) or other circumstances beyond your control that must be presented with an official Dean's excuse. We do not grant extensions after an assignment is due.

You cannot make up an in-class or recitation assignment. We will provide opportunities to earn "extra" points on in-class work so that if you miss a small number of these your grade won't be affected. However, frequent absences from class will affect the portion of your grade based on quizzes and in-class work.

Points on assignments will vary.

Collaboration policy

Homework assignments are done individually, under Duke's Community Standard. No collaboration of any kind is allowed on standard homework assignments.

Exams and Tests

The tests in this course will open book, closed notes, and are questions out of Rosen's text. The final exam will be open book, open notes and be made up of a variety of problems.


We appreciate any feedback you might have about the course and encourage you to talk to or email the professor or the TA with any questions or concerns you may have. If you have concerns that you do not feel comfortable expressing directly to the course staff, please use the department's anonymous course feedback form.
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