CompSci 102: Discrete Mathematics
(Spring 2006)

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This course meets 10:05-11:20 Mondays and Wednesdays in D243 LSRC with a recitation Friday from 10:20-11:10.

Course Goals

This course introduces some of the mathematical foundations useful for computer science. The course objective are:
  • State nontrivial assertions about programs and prove them directly or indirectly using using induction, combinatorics, or by adapting existing proofs.
  • Analyze statements using propositional, predicate, and probabilistic logics and implement efficient solutions to problems using logic.
  • Apply and appreciate the mathematical foundations of computer science and to be able to reason precisely about algorithms.


  • Apr 24: Final exam review questions posted
  • Apr 11: HW #6 posted, due Friday, April 21 in recitation
  • Mar 20: HW #5 posted, due Wednesday, March 29 in class
  • Mar 1: HW #4 posted, due Friday, March 10 in recitation
  • Mar 1: Algorithmic Programming Problems posted. YOu will write two of these as part of HW 4.
  • Feb 6: HW #3 posted, due Monday, February 27 in class
  • Feb 6: HW #2 posted, due Wednesday, February 15 in class
  • Jan 24: HW #1 posted, due Monday, January 30 in class
  • Jan 11: Read Rosen 1.1-1.2 for Friday's recitation.
  • Jan 11: Welcome to CompSci 102!


Many lecture slides, assignments, and other instructional materials on this site are either derived or taken directly from Carlo Tomasi, Kenneth H. Rosen, Michael Frank, Jonathan Gross, and Satish Rao.

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