CPS 214 Computer Networks and Distributed Systems: Syllabus

Here is the tentative schedule for lectures and assignment deadlines. All information is subject to change, and please check this page periodically for updated schedule.

Date Lecture Preparation Assignments
Thu, Jan 8 Course introduction Ch. 1 of [PD] Out: Form a team
Inter-networking Principles
Tue, Jan 13 Design of the Internet Read Design,
Interconnect, Tussle
Due: Team list
Thu, Jan 15 Placing function Read E2E
Review ALF
Out: Project ideas
Routing (aka How to Get There)
Tue, Jan 20 Snow day (No class)
Thu, Jan 22 Troublesome routing Read Ch 3, 4 of [PD]
Review Instability
Read Behavior
Tue, Jan 27 BGP problems Review Consensus Routing
Read Divergence
Thu, Jan 29 BGP fixes Read NIRA, HLP
No review
Tue, Feb 3 Source Controlled Routes Read Deflections
Review Path splicing
Out: Lab1
Due: Project proposal
Thu, Feb 5 IP Fast Reroute Read Fast Reroute
oFIB, Incremental Updates
Resource Allocation (aka How to Share the Pipe)
Tue, Feb 10 End-to-end Congestion Control Read AIMD, Ch. 6 of [PD]
Review XCP
Skim VCP
Due: Lab 1
Thu, Feb 12 Fair Queuing Read WFQ, DRR, SFQ
Review CSFQ
Out: Hw1
Tue, Feb 17 QoS Review Future
Read IntServ
Thu, Feb 19 Multi-path resource allocation Review FatVAP Due: Hw1
Out: Lab2
Naming, DHTs, and Content Distribution Networks
Tue, Feb 24 DNS and CDN Read Design
[PD] Ch 9.1, Akamai
Review Caching
Thu, Feb 26 DHTs Review Chord
Related Kademlia, Survey
Due: Lab2 part 1
Network Security
Tue, Mar 3 Source address spoofing Read Ch. 8 of [PD]
Review Traceback
Read Passport
Thu, Mar 5 DDoS attacks Read TVA, StopIt
Review Phalanx
Mar 6-16 Spring Break (No class)
Tue, Mar 17 Midterm
Thu, Mar 19 Routing attacks Read Hijack
Review iSPY
Due: Lab2 part 2
Due: Midterm Survey
Tue, Mar 24 Email Spam Read SpamAlytics
Read Scam
Review Questions
Due: Project interim report
Thu, Mar 26 R-BGP (Dept. Talk)
Tue, Mar 31 Worm 0wnTheNet
Review Questions
New Applications
Thu, Apr 2 P2P file sharing Bittorrent
Review Questions
Due: Hw2-1
Out: Hw2-2
Tue, Apr 7 Review
Thu, Apr 9 Social networks and Trust SocialNet
Review Questions
Due: Hw2-2
Review and Presentation
Tue, Apr 14 Your show
Fri, Apr 24 Due: Project code
and final write-up
Wed, Apr 29 Final exam, 2pm-5pm
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