CompSci 290
Spring 2024
Educational Technology Practicum

In-Class Activity: Metacognition

Think of Mindfulness as an innate superpower. It’s like having metacognition, which means you have a heightened awareness of what you’re thinking in the moment, as well as a heightened awareness of your understanding of what you’re thinking, and why. ― Ora Nadrich

Use your knowledge of Learning Theories to reflect on your education here at Duke.

Submitting your Work

In groups, use this shared Google Doc to record your discussion about your past experiences and your predictions about the the future. For each, use principles to justify why you think it is "good" or "bad".

In your groups, each person should take on the following roles:


Metacognition is reflecting on your experiences, and how you thought about them, to discover lessons and improvements for how you approach them in the future. Thus if, as a student, you reflect on how you learn, then you will become a better learner. When combined with knowledge of Learning Theories, scientific ways to understand and pedagogical strategies to improve how learning happens, it is an essential tool to develop Educational Technology.