CompSci 101, Spring 2018


See below for hints on what to do if your APT doesn't run.

For each problem in an APT set, complete these steps by the due date

In solving APTs, your program should work for all cases, not just the test cases we provide. We may test your program on additional data.

APT Test code Grade code Reflect Due Date
APT 0 Testing Submitting Reflect January 25
APT 1 Testing Submitting Reflect February 1
APT 2 Testing Submitting Reflect February 14

For remainder of semester, all submissions via net-id, so max submission will count for grading. Please REFLECT to ensure grading.

APT Grade code Reflect Due Date
APT 3 Submitting Reflect February 27
APT 4 Submitting Reflect March 22
APT 5 Submitting Reflect March 29
APT 6 (optional, can count as makeup, encouraged) Submitting Reflect April 19

Problems Running an APT? Some Tips!