CompSci 101, Spring 2018

Lab Activities

Before going to the first lab, you should try the Virtual Machine (VM) to see if you can get Eclipse to run. If you have any problems, then head to Consulting hours. See the Help tab.

Labs are meant to reinforce material pertinent to the current assignments and APTs and to go more deeply into topics as warranted. You will work in pairs during lab and at least one person from each team must bring a laptop to lab each week.

  1. Lab 0: Jan. 17-18, 2018
    (prelab Instructions to get a head start on using the VM)

    Run a Python program in the Duke VM, Create an APT, Introduce yourself in your lab Snowed Out

  2. Lab 1: Jan. 24-25, 2018, Functions and Python
  3. Lab 2: Jan 31-Feb 2018, Slicing and Indexing and if statements.
  4. Lab 3: Feb 7-8, Loops and Files
  5. Lab 4: Feb 21-22, While and Walks
  6. Lab 5: Feb 28-March 1, List Comprehensions and Hangman
  7. Lab 6: March 7-8 List Comprehensions, Nested Lists (attendance optional, recommended for those not doing well on midterm)
  8. Lab 7: March 21-22 Poker Odds and Encryption
  9. Lab 8: March 28-29 CSV files and and data
  10. Lab 9: April 4-5, Modules and Random Stories from Templates
  11. Lab 10: April 18-19, Modules and Random Stories from Templates

Lab Submission

Each group must submit the lab work by the end of the period by completing the online form for that particular lab. To get credit for your work in lab, your name must appear in the online form. If you did not attend lab or your team determines that you did not participate during the period, your name should not be included in the final submission.

If you miss lab, you should still do the lab for partial credit and fill out the online form by Sunday. No lab submissions will be accepted after Sunday.

It is important to do each lab as they provide practice for the concepts you will be learning.

Lab Sections

You should be signed up for one lab. Labs are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Labs start January 17, 2018.

Lab Sections:

You should be signed up for one lab. Labs are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Labs start January 17, 2018.

Section Day/Time Room UTA
01 Wed 11:45pm-1:00pmSocPsych 126 Michael Figueiras(, Maaz Mulla(
02Wed 1:25pm-2:40pmSocSci 311 Belanie Nagiel(, Ben Alexander(
03Wed 3:05pm-4:20pmPhysics 047 Kayla Derman(, Hayley Barton(
04/14Wed 4:40pm-5:55pmOld Chem 003 Ben Hodgson(, Carolina Isaza(
05/15Wed 6:15pm-7:30pmLSRC A155 Richard Asfour(, Jonathan Nakagawa(
06Thu 11:45-1:00pmBioSci 154 Luke Bauer(, Mackenzi Simpson(
07Thu 3:05-4:20pmLSRC A155 Matthew (, Morgan Smith(
08Thu 4:40-5:55pmLSRC A155 Jonathan Kuo(, Michelle Lou(
11Wed 11:45-1:00pmLSRC A155 Ademola Olayinka(, Nicola Morris(
12Wed 1:25-2:40pmLSRC A247 Sara Sklenka(, Jeffrey He(
13Wed 3:05-4:20pmLSRC A155 Christina Chen(, Jonathan Nakagawa(
16Thu 11:45-1:00pmAllen 103 Mitchell Gladstone(, Leah Schwarz(
17Thu 3:05-4:20pmAllen 226 Tevin Brown(, Othmane Jadi(
18Thu 4:40-5:55pmOld Chem 123 Catie Grasse(, Victoria Wu(