CompSci 101, Spring 2018

Compsci 101 Assignments


If you have concerns about an item that was graded (lab, apt or assignment), you have one week after the grade is posted to fill out the regrade form here.


For each assignment you must complete the corresponding REFLECT linked below. .

Assignment REFLECT Due Date
Assignment 0, Lightbot In Assignment January 18
Assignment 1, TotemPoles Reflect February 1
Assignment 2, Turtles Reflect February 13
Assignment 3, Transform Reflect March 8
Assignment 4, Hangman Reflect March 27
Assignment 5, Clever Hangman Reflect April 3
Assignment 6, Recommender Reflect April 24
Assignment 7, Create Reflect April 25

Assignment Submission

All assignments will include information on how to submit. This will likely be using Ambient/Eclipse or Websubmit. Assigment 0 will also be submitted via Sakai.


Programming assignments will typically be turned in using the Ambient plugin with Eclipse, or with the web version websubmit . If you have trouble submitting with websubmit, try another browser.

Ambient Submit

Ambient. When you are done with your project and are confident it is satisfactory, you should submit it electronically using the directions available here. You may submit an assignment as many times as necessary, but only the files included in the last submission will be graded. Thus, you should always submit all your project's files -- even if they have not changed since a previous submission. Note, the official time of submission for your project will be the time of your last submission. An assignment will be considered late if the last submission is late, even if your first submission was on time. You may lose points on your assignment if your final submission is incomplete or late.

Important: After submitting, ALWAYS then do submit history to verify all the necessary files were submitted.


A REFLECT for each assignment will be completed using an online form that's part of the assignment write-up.

Starter Code

Many assignments will include code to get you started. This may consist of completed modules that you will utilize but not modify or modules in which some functions have been completed and others are left for you to fill in. In either case, comments will clearly indicate which sections of the code you may edit and which must not be modified (you can go to these sections directly by using the Tasks view within Eclipse).